Characteristics employers look for when hiring

Characteristics employers look for when hiring


Characteristics employers are looking for


So what are the characteristics employers are looking for?  We have asked  our registered employers what characteristics they are looking for when hiring part-time staff.  Here’s a list of what they said:


Ability to work with people

This is important whether you are dealing with the boss, co-workers or customers.  It just takes one tricky character to destroy a good vibe in a workplace so employers will be looking beyond the CV and seeing if your manner is likely to fit in with the organisation culture.


Strong work ethic

You should be able to point to something in your previous experience or study to demonstrate a strong work ethic.  Show that you can follow a task through to completion and that you are not going to be giving up at the first obstacle.  Employers also love to see that you can problem solve so it would be great to have some examples of how you came up against a problem and then fixed it.


‘Yes I can’ attitude

Typically Irish people are not great at blowing their own trumpets and we tend to be more modest about our achievements and strengths.  But you have to present a confident front to potential employers.  This is not to say lie.  But be proud of your achievements and if there is a skill required that you don’t have, have a plan to demonstrate how you can overcome this.



Don’t lie.  You are sure to be caught out as employers are very skilled at asking questions in all sorts of ways and if they discover ‘inaccuracies’, that will end your chances of getting the job.  It is much better to accentuate the positives and show a willingness to work on areas where you are not as strong.



This is very important in part-time work.  It doesn’t mean being available 24/7 but it can really help an organisation if employees are willing to give a little more in busy times or for example is someone is out sick.  Flexibility may also refer to the job content.  So you may have been hired for one role and as the role changes, you should be willing to grow with it.  Usually this works both ways and makes for a more pleasant work environment overall.


Willingness to listen and learn

Even if you have all of the qualifications listed in the job spec, there are certain aspects to every job that will need to be learned.  Whether it’s technical knowledge or aspects related to the culture of the company, you need to demonstrate a willingness to learn how the employer wants you to do the job.  Suggestions for improvements can come later!


Last but not least, smile.  A few employers mentioned this.  If you are in a customer facing role, a smile goes a long way and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone so just putting it in here as a gentle reminder!


This is our list of the characteristics employers look for when hiring.  Hope this helps to focus the thoughts as you apply for roles.  Good Luck!


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