Hiring Quality Staff


Quality Staff

Running a business without quality staff is like hoping flowers will thrive without water.

In a recent survey of employers of part-time staff, Part-time.ie found that quality of staff was the biggest challenge facing employers and this was across the board.

We also found that 60% of those surveyed, rely on word of mouth to fill part-time roles.  However, we believe there is a definite link between these two findings.


When you rely on word of mouth, you are ignoring a huge pool of talent who are out there and available for work.  You are also getting into the tricky business of mixing business and personal.

Anecdotally, employers in the SME’s also say they find it very difficult to word and send rejection emails.  More and more it is reported that candidates do not even hear from companies.  This is of course made more difficult if applications are coming in from acquaintances.  So firstly, you have to take the time to compose mails and then you have to get around the fact the you are saying no to somebody who was referred by a current employee or friend.

In an economy reaching full employment, the competition for quality staff can be high.  So as a potential employer, you have to make your role stand out.  Flexibility in the form of reduced hours is very attractive and employers should be able to use this to tap into a highly skilled, experienced talent pool.  Think of the excitement generated by long weekends and how refreshed and positive everyone is when they get back.  So when you are offering a part-time role you should be making sure you reach a wide audience as you are offering a product in high demand!

At Part-time.ie we recognise that a lot of employers have relied on word of mouth, often to avoid high recruitment costs.   But we also know that the wider the talent pool you search, the better chance you have of hiring quality staff who have chosen to work part-time, will commit to a role and have the skill requirement you are looking for as opposed to being a friend of a friend.  You can post an ad for €50 and in return take your ad online, avoid awkward business/personal situations and have access to a dashboard that includes sending a professional rejection/acceptance mail in one click.  You can receive all applications to your inbox and ask two role specific questions to simplify filtering CV’s.


By placing a role on Part-time.ie, you are targeting part-time candidates directly.  Visit www.part-time.ie today, specialists in part-time jobs.


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