Job Application Tips

job application tips

When applying for a job, always remember that the employer can only see whatever information you present to them.  So even if you are the most efficient person in the world, if your job application has errors, is badly written or doesn’t address key job requirements, you are selling yourself short. Below are some job application tips to remember when applying for any role to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light.  Some are obvious, but they are all common errors so worth including:


Cover note

Always include a cover note.  It gives a great opportunity to engage with the employer directly which can immediately set you apart from other applicants. It is also a great place to highlight any key factors as to why you are the perfect person for the role.  Not including a cover note looks like you just didn’t bother taking the time.



Make sure your CV is laid out in a clear, concise and easy-to-read way.   Identify key requirements for the role and make sure these stand out.  Each job is different, so you may need to make adjustments to your CV each time before applying for roles to ensure it is relevant.


Spelling and Grammar

Always perform a spelling/grammar check before applying.  A simple spelling error can be enough for your application to be disregarded so always spend 5 minutes reviewing your application before you submit it.


Text Language

We have become so used to text language, it can sometimes appear on applications.  Always use proper English when engaging with employers either in email or job applications.  Text language is inappropriate for job applications.


Address shortcomings

If there is a list of requirements and you don’t quite meet them all, it is a good idea to acknowledge this and maybe give the employer comfort that you can make up for it in other ways either through other skills or willingness to learn.


Good work ethic

Use your application to demonstrate as best as you can that you really want the role and would be willing to work hard to do the best job you can.  That is what employer wants to hear so make sure you tell them.


Good Luck!


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