Adjusting To Our New Normal

Now that many of us are working from home, and kids are home, the term full-time parent takes on a whole new meaning and we are all adjusting to a new normal.   Normal parenting stresses of everyday life are lack of time, too much laundry, endless meals, endless cleaning up, fights about chores, bedtimes, lunchboxes (oh to have lunchbox worries

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The real cost of unfilled positions

The cost of hiring new talent is very easy to calculate but have you considered the cost of unfilled position?  There is an ongoing war for talent in Ireland at the moment and hiring managers are to the pin of their collar to find, attract and retain talent for their businesses.  Vacant seats in your organisation is a real

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Podcast of Dermot and Dave Interview Founder of new Irish website, Jane Downes reveals just how beneficial part-time work can be The term ‘part-time work’ is usually associated with students who are looking for some funds to help get them through college on a shoestring budget (and give their parents a bit of financial respite). But what if being a part-timer was the

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Job Application Tips

When applying for a job, always remember that the employer can only see whatever information you present to them.  So even if you are the most efficient person in the world, if your job application has errors, is badly written or doesn’t address key job requirements, you are selling yourself short. Below are some job application tips to remember when

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Galway Chamber’s new member, has recently moved to Portershed. was established in 2018 to provide an online platform for part-time jobs in all sectors across Ireland. Founder Jane Downes, who has herself worked part-time as a chartered accountant for the last 12 years, felt there was gap in the market and decided to create a cost effective platform

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Hiring Quality Staff

Running a business without quality staff is like hoping flowers will thrive without water. In a recent survey of employers of part-time staff, found that quality of staff was the biggest challenge facing employers and this was across the board. We also found that 60% of those surveyed, rely on word of mouth to fill part-time roles.  However,

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Women working part-time are the most productive in the workforce: survey

Evidence that women working part-time are the most productive in the workplace! I came across this article from The Sydney Morning Herald and love it.  And it makes complete sense. Dealing with kids on a daily basis develops skills such as negotiation, problem-solving, time management, patience, compromise and measuring opportunity cost!  All of these skills have such value in the

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