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Founder of new Irish website Part-Time.ie, Jane Downes reveals just how beneficial part-time work can be

The term ‘part-time work’ is usually associated with students who are looking for some funds to help get them through college on a shoestring budget (and give their parents a bit of financial respite).

But what if being a part-timer was the approach many of us are missing out on?

Jane Downes is the founder of a new Irish website called Part-Time.ie, where her aim is to help people find the perfect role to fit around their lifestyle.

Maybe you’re a parent looking to get back into work after having a child? Or what if retirement isn’t what you thought it would be and you could do with a new side-earner that keeps you active?

Speaking on Dermot and Dave, Jane told us some interesting statistics like, “if you’re part of a tax couple you get an extra €25,000 @20% (tax bracket)”, which works out at an extra €6k net income. That’s a lot of lolly and an angle many of us are unaware of.

For Jane, the main advantage of taking on this workload is that “you maintain you’re income and you’re also keeping your skills and connectivity in the work place”.

Her site caters for a wide spectrum of roles, “we’ve had everything – architects, accountants, admin., call centre, retail”.

The lads also chat to the chartered accountant about her plans to open workshops that would help people who are out of the loop to refresh and reskill and how work flexibility has proven to increase productivity.

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  1. Lorraine Clarke

    Hi Jane,

    I read your article with great interest. I was a stay at home single mom for my 4 daughters 24,22,18 and 14 and I now find it difficult to obtain work that pays a good wage and allows me some flexibility.
    I am studying for an accounting technician qualification and have had many setbacks along the way trying to juggle parenting with further education. and now I find it difficult to get work experience without a qualification or I need 2 yrs office experience to get an interview.
    Please can you advise me what I should do as I am very frustrated with my situation and don’t know what to do anymore



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