Show off your strong work ethic


Show off your strong work ethic

We asked our employers what the main trait is they are seeking in potential employees.  While we got a range of answers, one stood out – Work Ethic.  Every employer mentioned this one, so I think it’s worth exploring.


What is work ethic?

Everyone has a work ethic, but the key is how strong is yours?  Your work ethic is reflected in your ability to take on a task and complete it to a high standard.   In my experience it can be broken into three factors;


Simply put, this means that if you commit to doing something, others can reply on the fact that the job will be done and done to a high standard.  If the job in question is not completed or completed poorly, then usually others are affected adversely by this.  The more you complete a task successfully and on time, the more valued you become as others will know they can rely on you.  Things don’t always go to plan so being able to stand up and flag the fact that there is an issue, or you need more resources to complete something is also important so that a revised program can be agreed.



How much work are you getting done in your day?  There are so many distractions at work and being able to identify correctly the priorities and deadlines is vital so you know what to work on.  Look at how much work you are getting through and see if there is any way to do it more efficiently.  Most jobs have aspects which we like and aspects we don’t and it is very easy to put off the various tasks we don’t enjoy so work out a time of the day when you are best paced to tackle these.  A lot of us hit a slump mid afternoon, so that might not be the time to tackle dreaded tax return!



Most jobs require some teamwork and generally we need to receive and give information to others to get our own job done.  Those with strong work ethic will work on and develop skills to get the best out of those around them


Ways to demonstrate a good work ethic

Ability to hold down a job

If you have already had a job, employers like to see that you stayed for a reasonable time or maybe that the same employer was happy to take you back Summer after Summer.

Have examples of how you had a problem and you fixed it

This can be work or study related.  Be able to show how you came up against a problem, assessed it and solved it.

Appetite to learn

Every workplace is different so a similar role in two different companies will not be the same.  Ethos and procedures are unique to each workplace, so it is always good to acknowledge this and show you are keen to learn


Being able to provide good references

A positive reference from a previous employer is fantastic to give a potential new employer confidence you can the job.


So maybe you have a very strong work ethic naturally.  If so, you that is great.  If not, you just need to work on it.  Either way I hope this article gives you some idea of what you can improve and the importance of highlighting your work ethic to a potential employer because that is what they want you to do.

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