Tips for hiring part-time employees

Tips for hiring part-time employees

Tips for hiring part-time employees

It is widely acknowledged that great people make great organisations.   Now, as we approach full employment there are more and more employers looking to fill vacant positions.  What can you do to make your search more successful?   Here are some useful tips when hiring part-time staff:


Never stop searching

Hiring great employees is key to the success in any business and applies equally to part-time staff.  So you do not want to put yourself under pressure with too little time to fill a role.  You should always be on the lookout for good staff.  If you are a business that is regularly hiring, it might be very useful to have a constant flow of CV’s and meet any candidates who’s CV’s impress you.

Previous roles

Check a candidate’s CV for evidence of ability to stick with a job or project. Someone who has only lasted a couple of weeks in any one job will inspire less confidence than candidates who can demonstrate longevity in roles.

Competitive pay

Money talks so look at what is the best rate you can offer.  It just might give you the edge over other employers looking for the same employees.

Carefully worded job description

It might be obvious to you what you are looking for but remember employees can only see what you actually put into the job description.  Put in as much detail as possible.  A little bit more time at the job description stage might save you when it comes to leafing through CV’s.  You will also probably attract higher quality candidates who fill all the requirements.

Employee progression

Think about the potential for employees you hire to progress within the organisation.  This is very important if you want to retain staff and the possibility of promotion at some point will attract high quality candidates.

Be selective about where you post your ad

Biggest is not always best.  If you are looking for part-time staff, it makes sense to put the ad where people looking for part-time work will find it, like  Putting your part-time ad in the middle of full time jobs might attract candidates who are really waiting for a full-time opportunity to come along, leaving you back at square one in your candidate search.


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