Why Moms Make Great Employees

Being a Mom has all too often carried a negative association for employers as they fear maternity leaves, sick days and general lack of commitment. But the very opposite is the case.  Moms actually make great employees for lots of reasons.  Mothers generally develop such a strong set of skills that can never be taught at college, only learned on the job through the daily battles of will that come with being a parent.

So, what are these skills and how are they useful.


Moms are used to having multiple thoughts and jobs going on at one time.  Most parents are time-poor due the sheer volume of tasks that need to be done daily.  Prioritising and getting through the jobs, sometimes two and three at a time is essential to make it all happen.


Dealing with different personalities

We are all different and complex in our own way and this applies to kids too.  Some are independent and need very little encouragement whilst others need constant ‘reminders’ of what’s to be done and need a little more indulging.  So moms are skilled at figuring out what makes people tick and how to get the best out of them.


Time Management

Mothers are so used to managing time and being where they need to be or getting certain jobs done, that they do it instinctively in the workplace too.   They excel at keeping the day on track, no matter what interruptions hit.



Once kids are involved, be ready for things not to go to plan.  Whether it’s a no-show party entertainer, a tricky situation with another parent or somebody getting sick, moms regularly have to resort to Plan B and the ability to stay calm and think outside the box in a crisis can be very useful in the workplace



A two year old has an amazing ability to catch you out on a technicality and remind you about something you said two weeks ago and they have all day long to argue it while mothers need a resolution fast.  So under pressure of time, mothers have to learn to bring such matters to a successful conclusion that works for everyone, a skill essential to keeping things moving in a busy workplace.


They really want the job

Generally, mothers are who working want to be working.  Work can be an absolute oasis where you actually get to sit and complete a task, speak to other adults, get a lunch break and get a break from the demands of homelife.  Having happy employees, with a good work life balance, leads to a positive, open and progressive workplace for all.


As we approach full employment, it is important for employers to realise that there is still a huge talent pool of women seeking part-time opportunities.  We all operate at different levels and how someone approaches their work and what they bring to the workplace is much more important than how many hours they spend there.  In other words, quality is much more important than quantity and there is still lots of quality talent available in Ireland.


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