Why you should be hiring part-time staff

Why you should be hiring part-time staff

part-time staff

part-time staff



Staff costs are a huge part of running any business.   Often you need the expertise of a certain discipline, but you can’t justify or afford the salary.  By hiring part-time staff, you get all the benefit but only pay for the hours you need.

Maximise your reach

When you are hiring, you need to be sure you reach as broad an audience as possible.  There is a huge talent pool who have decided for various reasons they are only available for part-time work.  1 in 5 in Ireland works part-time by choice and many of these are educated, motivated and experienced professionals who are either currently seeking work or would love to be able to change jobs if there were more opportunities presented.

Getting the best hours

Most people have parts to their day when they perform better or worse.  And for many that is morning time.  It is widely acknowledged that you cannot work at optimum capacity over a long number of hours.  Whether that is 6, 8 or 12 depends on the person.  The point is that by hiring part-time staff, you usually get their best hours.

Make your business more responsive

By scaling up with part-time staff, you have an in-built ability to respond to busier times if employees have a degree of flexibility.  Usually it works both ways and when flexibility is offered by employers, it is fair to assume a degree of flexibility in return

Ease pressure on full time staff

You might be at a point where you are wondering if you need to get someone else in. The fear of committing to full time costs may cause you to push the decision down the line until certain milestones are reached.  The risk here is that existing employees are put under too much pressure and leave if they feel their needs are not being addressed.

Hiring Costs

Costs associated with hiring can be extremely high and a lot of time there is a trade off between audience reach and cost.  Well there doesn’t have to be.  At part-time.ie we are specialists in part-time work and we have a ready-made database and following. So for €50, your ad be live for 30 days and put in front of the right people.  Lots of customers have made great hires already.


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